Monthly Archives: December 2012

World’s Smallest V-12

Just some cool design and machining from a model builder in the industrial arts for those who appreciate this kind of thing. To me, just awesome, a labor of love.   <a href=””> V-12 Internal Combustion Engine</a>    

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Avian Flu: Trying to save lives.

OK I mentioned the other day that there is a way to defend against the avian flu. It seems the Science News reported a month or so ago that Obama and crew with England got tired of waiting for the Avian flu to develop so they commissioned some bio-labs to make it. Not happy that…

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Breezy Point in Ruins « Jenna Pope

People, Get used to it this is only the beginning and a test run for much bigger events, you will end up believing that this, Katrina and Louisiana were the good times, wait until you get a handle on supersonic winds. The big boys know and do not think you are intelligent enough to be…

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