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The Blaze Obamma puts Saudi Agent in charge of CIA

The Blaze: CIA Saudi Arabian Station Chief  John Brenan was known to be turned by the Saudies when he was an operative in the region in a official position confirmed by American Intelligence: Re,. Article from The Blaze RUMOR CHECK: EX-FBI AGENT CLAIMS OBAMA’S CIA NOMINEE IS REALLY A SECRET MUSLIM RECRUITED BY SAUDIS OBummer…

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KickStarter: 100K yrs ago Hindu Siamese War – Catholic Church Link?

The Black Madonna: Journey of the Human Heart This book is very important, it would be my guess that it ties the Catholic Church to the Vedic Scripture Mahabharata’s Hindu Siamese War of 100,000 years ago. It must be published. I do not know this woman, and I am sure reading her material she has…

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