ART: Intelligently Designed

ART: Intelligently Designed –  We broke the ancient numbering systems… What follows are some of the first products of their kind to reach the market, in as best we know, possibly around 6,000 years. We at and others that have been shown this consider this as “proof of God” by “Intelligent Design”. Some believe that the form presented here is based on the human body’s energy system. Specifically, the Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian or equivalent view of energy vortices or chakras representative of the key energies driving the human body both physically and metaphysically. Strangely, this painting does appear to align wth the islamic variant of six chakras, not the seven of the west. We have noticed that people seem to feel relaxed in the presence of the painting or its reproduction. Young children have asked if it would protect them. We do not know. However it does seem to draw you into a meditative state when contemplating it. It appears to vary somehow based on the point of gaze. In this regard, there seems to be a legend which says that this is the first Seal of Revelations, whereby the remaining six seals are these chakra energy points of the human body. Some say that this ties together heaven and earth and/or body and soul, others believe that with the Merkaba this is the basis of ascension. Again, We simply do not know… although we have a few ideas which will be subject of another paper. Personally, I believe it does have a metaphysical and/or  spiritual quality. Further, I believe that God blessed me as a servant to a higher purpose and that is why I was given this, hence the title: “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful”. I believe it is a gift to humanity from the Divine. I believe that a door has opened… God Bless, Sincerely, Thank you, Richard Dunn For those who wonder if this is art, read Why “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful”, the original oil painting is ART.

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