Avian Flu: Trying to save lives.

OK I mentioned the other day that there is a way to defend against the avian flu. It seems the Science News reported a month or so ago that Obama and crew with England got tired of waiting for the Avian flu to develop so they commissioned some bio-labs to make it. Not happy that it was only apparently able to be passed by most likely touch, they weaponized by making it air-born which probably means an aerosol. The article stated that we were lucky as only the “good guys” have it. Low an behold this past month there co-incidentally is an outbreak in Saudi Arabia. Of course no one supplied them and no one will investigate and Obama and England are our friends. So here is the solution. This thing is a virus. The black death was a virus. The King of France at that time found that jewelry buried with nobles kept reappearing from certain grave yards, so he set traps for the perps and caught them. Long story short trip to the dungeon, threats, bad things done to human bodies… convincing… thieves gave up the secret.