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CosmicSleuth Business Model

My Super-Power(s): Analysis with Perseverance.

Business Model: Joint Venture for Disruptive Technologies as follows:

My business model follows, see if you qualify:

1. High risk projects with historical low success probability which other men and institutions believe impossible as demonstrated by evidence, reason and/or found by interviewing prospective candidates.
2. NDAs may be required.
3. Non-fluid goal(s) defining success.
4 Discretionary exit strategy.
5. JV partners are not bosses.
6. Sufficient reward and margin to justify risk. Est. min. gross $250M-1B annual sales.
7. Risk is constantly evaluated vs. a reasonable probability of success, given adequate resources and avenues of exploration.
8. Negotiations are by authorized agents only.
9. Bargaining must be in good faith.
10. There must be agreement regarding distribution of proceeds.
11. Reasonable belief that payment terms under the agreement will be honored. This is not a charity.
12. Agreements are written and signed by an appropriate signature level authority.
13. Changes in scope may require further negotiation or a change of terms at my discretion.
14. A clearly labeled non-refundable stipend must be allowed from each JV partner as a means of determining commitment.
15. One JV partner must be able to bring product to market in an agreed upon time frame or forfeit.
16. Performance penalties are accessed with eventual forfeiture for technologies left on the shelf. This applies particularly for proposals made by current market leaders.
17. Sale and proposals by US firms only. Violation equals forfeit. I have first right of refusal.
18. No financial responsibility is assumed by any party for governmental interference, particularly patent and copyright law to include legislation bought by competitors. This is a known risk.
19. Objective: Advance sustainable technology to increase the pie for all.
20. Public notice: I accept no memorializations, only contracts which are not valid without my signature.

In closing, my name is a standard of due diligence or it is not to be used. It shows in my work.

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