Finished Privacy, etc. Statements for a Veterans Group

Well there has not been a lot of activity here for a while. For those who do not wish to follow me, I understand I do not write often. However, many write without substance and otherwise chatter inanely. I prefer to write only when I have something to say of some importance.

As is my norm for the work I do, I was given an impossible task, that the lawyers did not want to do it, because they did not know where to begin and/or the time commitment involved. I met with the group and was given the go ahead. What was required was absolute legal protection. As was told me by one of the principals, it was expected that I would come back with junk and that would be the end of it.

I worked for months and finally shipped the requisite work in two installments. Upon their reading the first shipment, the Vets began legal review and apparently were hooked as indicated by the feedback. The second installment upon receipt, to paraphrase badly, resulted in a “go”.

Although there is another who is listed on the documents marquis as the lead co-author, it is more as a courtesy that they are the principal author that introduced the deal, than not.

For what I did, others may want this kind of thing as well, understand, please do not ask, I absolutely hate law. I do not believe in he courts at all. I see lawyers as a fraud perpetrated upon the American people, imported from their enemy, England, as a consequence of the system foundation in English Common Law, as proven by the acronym, British Attorney Registry, meaining that all lawywers answer to this heinous foreign power, which is why they conspire to destroy this country. This is their soul and true purpose. I see them as bottom feeders preying on other peoples’s misery. I have seen very few competent lawyers or judges. The latter I perceive as politcally appointed hacks without true merit resulting from a inept plutocracy long ago having exhausted either any meaning having devolved into the mean and finally their true cause celeb, their most telling truth of their existence, totally void of service or value, their highest cause, their inner most secret, their childlike “me”.

Before, I begin I must state I am not a lawyer and accordingly on all work that I do related to law I make that disclaimer. However, sometimes in the past I have, as with the Boston Housing Authority, gotten judgments against Evil which [public figures] scum have claimed as their own for which I was mightilly punished, as my lawyer lied and did not put forth the case, which I otherwise would have won. That is a story for another day. The Boston BAR was angry as I trapped one of their ???? You are not supposed to trap lawyers. I do that too.

In that regard, may it be known, that this is public notice, I do not accept memorializations by email.

I believe every municipality is subject to RICOH and by definition a criminal enterprise. I believe that whistle-blowers should serve in office as they have the moral authority and not the experience of corruption in service to the weak minded and cowardly “me” of all too many professional politicians.