Example 1: Control of the Computer Industry?

Example 1: Control of the Computer Industry?

Two patents pending based on a complete paradigm shift beginning with HPC, a.k.a. the High Performance Computing market. I foresaw graphene geometry and figured out circuit layouts and wiring. A Nobel prize was awarded in 2010 for the extraction of grapheme, Nobel Prize for Graphene 2010 . My patterns were filed in 2009. I already had over four+ years of development of the geometry at that time.

Three law firms having reviewed the IP, unanimously agree that I have out-IBM’ed IBM. Further all agree that I will be sued as the top of the market begin to fight for their lives. This is control of the computer industry. The consencus is that this could last for 17-30 years. All advise I take a big partner and cut deals.

Funny thing, lawyers have wanted to do the work for nothing except a hold harmless and a back end position.

Proposals are welcome, in perpetuity NDA’s are available within the United States at my discretion. This was designed under Chinese rules as an economic weapon of war to bring the computer industry back to the United States. For those who think I cannot do it, you are gravely mistaken. Those who have looked, believe.  The question now is the international rights and the rest of these examples. Some have placed annual market value in the range of $300B+  and a pet rock is not the same as a telephone in terms of value.

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