Example 3: Beating the Avian Flu

Example 3: Beating the Avian Flu

Problem: The US government and the Crown, the good guys per Science News cover, decided they could not wait for nature to develop the Avian flu virus.  Two labs were commissioned to the purpose on either side of the Big Pond. An upgrade included making it air-born, effective weaponization, and “your tax dollar at work”. Within about a month there was an outbreak in Saudi Arabia, followed shortly thereafter by a kill order in another part of the world of 150,000 infected birds…The government just reported, infection may travel on the wind…  I believe this covers it, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fears-grow-over-lab-bred-flu .  Who is in charge of the nut house?

Solution: Besides the obvious, I tell you this to point out a prophylactic solution referred to as “Thieves Oil”. This oil was discovered and so named after the grave robbers who liberated stolen jewelry from the graves of the French upper crust during the Black Death. When presented with the perils of torture as a consequence of discovery… They cut a deal with the French King as to the secret formula that allowed them to operate disease free and were thus allowed to live. The oil presents a barrier to viruses due to its complex chemical nature, the viruses are unable to infect.

Separately, food grade activated charcoal may possibly also be used after viral infection; research this.  None of this is medical advice and I am not a doctor… But doing nothing and waiting to die as opposed to embracing the possibility of survival would seem the better part of valor. Empirically this appears to have worked for myself on the last round of flu.

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