Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity

Example 4:  China’s Terrorist War on Humanity 

China’s Three Gorges dam has changed the length of day 0.06 microseconds and the axes of the planet 0.8 in. This artificial water way, so created, is at sufficient height to unbalance the planet.  [The following article was the source of the material and has been deleted: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2010-06-18/news/29962195_1_inertia-rotation-axis] . This is not quite correct. What has changed is the axis of the crust, not the axis of the core, the difference is a frictional boundary layer vector field thermalizing both and hence grinding up and liquefying the crust from beneath. This minor detail is destabilizing the Tectonic plates, generating earth quakes, volcanism and tsunamis. The astute will realize that “fracking” will exasperate the problems put forward here.

Coincidentally, China is no longer building below 3400 feet prox. or lower and is buying up the high ground worldwide, including Africa; Obama appears to have donated the Great State of Idaho under Project 60 and everyone is building in Antarctica, furthest away from coming East-West tidal surges. The actual tsunami safety height requirement seems to keep moving up.

The book, “Unrestricted Warfare”, available at http://www.c4i.org/, published in Peking and Panama by two Peoples Liberation Army Air Force Colonels, which were later promoted, is taught in the military academies. One tenet is that it is not necessary to declare war on a capitalist state. They were promoted and yes we, the US, are/were a capitalist state. Relatedly, a world domination deal by territory appears to have been cut between China and the Arab world, whereby each brings the others respective political and religious system to power.

It would seem that the Chinese have double-crossed their Arab dupes. How does Indonesia feel about this? How about their allies, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic? Anybody else? The dupes get to die under this version of nature’s fury unleashed not by God, but rather China’s bid for world domination.

However, this also works against China’ own people. [They are disposable.] Three Gorges Dam is designed to fail under earth quake stresses greater than Richter 7.0. Rivers follow tectonic plate boundaries N-S adding pivotal pressure, turning one of the plates into a lever which reaches out under the abutting sea, guaranteeing a world class tsunami. This further destabilizes the dam area which is the meeting point of three plates and rids China of over 450M in excess population when the dam fails.

This is an act of terror against every man, woman and child on the planet. Although, by appearances, buying the high ground, it is obvious that this is intentional and China must be punished. However, this must not lead to nuclear war.

Accordingly, I propose the following. It is obvious the dam must be shut down. It is also obvious that all deaths and associated costs in all nations current and in the foreseeable future must be borne by the Chinese people. All lands and materials outside of China, to include machinery and currency must be forfeit for claims to be made in international courts. The World, including the United States, less China, must ask The Hague for a banking exemption whereby all currency foreign to China, including US currency, held by China may not be honored by the damaged nations, but rather transferred to that court’s jurisdiction for claims arising against China based on these terrorist acts as an undeclared war upon humanity. All Chinese paid bloggers, blogging for China’s position must be banned from internet use for life.

This was done now to maximize the kill due to astrophysical events by minimizing escape based on economic hard ship, reducing geographic mobility as brought forward at this time. My childhood 3rd grade Weekly Reader stated, “All wars in the future would be economic and fought by computer at the push of a button.” We are here now, upgraded for maximum kill based on Example 5 where timing is everything…


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