Example 5: The Galactic Automotive Water Pump Burns

Example 5:  The Galactic Automotive Water Pump Burns

The Milky Way galaxy top view presents us with an “S” shape. We normally live behind a star wall toward the trailing outside tail of one end of that “S” curve. Our solar system runs a sinusoidal pattern on the outside edge of the Milky Way’s equator, bobbing back and forth between the North and South galactic poles.  Unfortunately, there are times we are no longer behind the star wall. We are in one of those times now. Objects thrown from the close star wall are at lower velocity, but when originating from between the star walls leading from the center of the Milky Way, it acts kind of like a automotive water pump. Normally, most detritus [low velocity] is directed to the gas giants by their gravity wells and never makes it into the inner solar system. However, higher velocity material, based on mass, angle of attack, all the variables, enters the inner solar system and impacts on the Sun generating Sun spots. As with the splash back of dropping a rock in a lake, the Sun’s outer atmosphere may generate a coronal mass ejection, C.M.E., capable of destroying life on this planet, and it is getting worse.  Pending longitude and latitude of detritus impact on the Sun, it takes approximately 15 to 30 days for splash back [potential CME] to occur. I almost forgot, this can cook the earth in what some say is biblically accurate 1/3rd at a time… problem is that it is periodic and therefor not prophecy. Which brings us to the deep freeze.

Note: I beat up astrophysicists intellectually not physically, with reason I have a 90% conversion rate.

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