Example 6: Guerilla Engineering

Example 6:  Guerilla Engineering

When leadership and engineering are pushed beyond ability by events King Rat tries to be the last rat on the keel as he foresees the  ship slipping beneath the waves and hence turns sociopathic, garnering power and resources, never admitting incompetence. His solution “guerilla engineering”.

This is why governments are trying to force an ice age and distributing Depleted Uranium, DU, deadly to humans and cumulative, with a half life of 450.1M years… You lay this down first. Then add ice, lots of it.; so much you have an ice age.

Note: All this kills your population; except for what you hide away in bunkers like Norway and the elite…

Next, enter the true value of gold. Gold is the nuclear trigger for Uranium; yes depleted Uranium is still Uranium. Gold gets all the neutrons into the right energy to trigger a nuclear chain reaction and hence the defrost cycle, that is when you want to get rid of the ice, and guess what, there used to be a reference on the net as to a world-wide wisp of a layer of gold. Déjà Vie? This is guerilla engineering and it has apparently happened before. So, what to do? Example 7: The Alternative…

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