Example 7: An Ancient Solution

Example 7:  An Ancient Solution

The ancients spoke of a “Firmament”, but no one has ever figured out what it is until now.  Victor Schaumburger’s Austrian patent number 146,141 filed March 4th, 1940; entitled Pharaoh’s Pump is a variant of a ram pump, which he claimed could throw water six (6) miles high into the atmosphere. This would do the following:

a. It forms a hydrostatic thermal barrier against CME’s and gamma rays chewing on the atmosphere.

b. If forms a hydrostatic barrier against incoming meteorites [detritus].

c. It forms a ground plane for ionic and electrical transport of charge to the night side penumbra area of our planetary atmosphere for safe bleed off.

d. It explains the preponderance of the base of Europe from the UK to Poland being salt as a terra-forming exercise of throwing salt straight up in a prevailing wind, and so precipitates out a continent.

If I were wrong, why was the Great Pyramid built to optical specifications as used in microwave wave guides and the glasses on my nose? Why would there be three blocks assumed to be sealing the main gallery? I maintain, these are not seals, rather these are tuning stubs as used in microwave wave guides as a mechanical form of a band pass filter. I know the optical resolution and given a team, I believe I can fire this puppy up, pending damage. Why is there a berm, diverting the waters of the Nile away? There have been television programs where hydrauligists have measured the water damage to the Sphinx and ancient Egyptian boats, now on display in the Egyptian national museum have been unearthed in the foot of the Great Pyramid. So it is reasonable to say this had water.

Note: I wrote a paper about how it worked which was copied to DOE Idaho, at the bequest of one Patrick Bailey of Lockheed. At the time DOE considered it too theoretical when Bailey did not, he wanted to present in 1992 before the Energy Conversion Contest. I will take a lie detector test any time re. same. Come on in the water is fine…

This is proof of prior civilizations. What is happening on this planet is not prophecy; rather it is a periodic event, more regular than a clock-works. I will write more about this at a later time.

Could it be that some have decided to go for maximum kill for political and religious agendas.  Most want to live and have been led to believe that population reduction is necessary. No one thinks leadership is aiming at them are their children. With the right technology the Hindu Sacred Vedas state that the world once supported 86B people. I could make it happen without war. Politics will not get you there because it brings the worst sociopaths to the top. Psychologists have numerous studies revealing that when politicians tell people that it is going to be ok, they mean for them. A politician is a man who trades your future for his.  Consider this in view of what I wrote.

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