Sales Letter for the oil painting “SQUARING THE CIRCLE: I AM GRATEFUL” with Historical Perspective and Simple [not expanded] Algebraic Basis…

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This is not a regular announcement, this is the announcement of the discovery of a historical and long lost artifact.


It has been said that the “Squaring of the Circle” is impossible. In 1755 The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge refused to take further proofs. The following year, 1756, France’s Académie des Sciences followed suit.

It has been believed that according to Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem in 1882 which proved Pi  transcendental, that the Squaring of the Circle was impossible. Lindemann also purported to correct Sir Isaac Newton. Newton, a man of much gravity, was also apparently an avid “Circle Squarer”, a term with quixotic overtones, eventually used as a point of derision for anyone involved in such an attempt. It is obvious based on the evidences herein that Newton has had the last laugh.

Klaus Schröer’s 1988 Book, Das Geheimnes der Proportionsstudie, Waxmann Verlag, Germany examines Leonardo Da Vinci’s attempt to “Square the Circle” in the master’s work Vitruvian Man. The work is accurate to 99.8% giving an error of 0.2%.  Although Schröer believes the Da Vinci work definitive, and although I personally admire Da Vinci, any error is not 100%…


The literature seems to be indicate that the problem may well have come from Egypt. In this context it must be remembered that all engineering and mathematics problems are products of their time, cultural and societal norms, to do less is to engage in cultural bigotry and hubris. In essence:

This is important as the author believes it was not possible to solve this problem until the discovery of the Rhind papyrus which included an ancient Egyptian valuation of Pi being set equal to 256/81 or 3.1604938271604938271604938271605.


From this we have the following algebraic solution, which is the basis of the graphical solution, otherwise to be made available in a book currently being edited:
Given: Formulae:

Set Pi = 256/81

Area of a Square = L x W,

Area of Circle = Pi x R x R

Proof [Simplistic]:

[1] Area of Square = 256 x 256 = 65536 †
[2] Area of Circle = 256/81 x 144 x 144 = 65536†

[3] Area of Square = Area of Circle
The Circle is squared.

† Note: 65536 =2^16 = original Apple or IBM PC Memory map.

Note: There is a variant on the construct I chose; I just chose the most direct path. It is minor nature.

I personally believe that what is presented here defies the chaos theory of modern mathematics, fractures finite statistical logic by proving intelligent design based on its improbability and gives us a view to the mind of The Divine as “Dues ex machina” in the morality play called life. This design opens a door to an advanced mathematics, that some have called Sacred, long stalled at Fibonacci’s spiral.

There are legends that state that the Squaring of the Circle is the Seven keys of Revelation. The Seven Keys of Revelations are the energy points of the human body called chakras by the Hindi and appear on the Pharaohs sarcophagi. These points when so tuned and aligned are supposed to bring about ascension.

Coincidentally, the Squaring of the Circle appears to be a highly prized quest of the Masons for untold generations, seemingly going back to antiquity. Further, it seems to support some basis of authority among them of Divine import. I believe this is connected.

I believe I may be able to make such a machine. The one who grants this is supposed to be a holy man. In kind, I will state that I am shamanistic and gnostic, however I make no such claim beyond this at this time, I generally see this as a trap of ego, placed there by darkness.

In closing, who can argue with the mathematics and geometry presented here, as calculated precision meets the accuracy of what is measured and the proof is presented. I have personally seen engineers become irrational looking at this and at some point engineering, like any belief system becomes a religion and hence irrational. Yet, they cannot touch the math and the numbering system does matter.

Simply, I have broken the ancient numbering systems.

I wish to thank The Source, The Sun and the Divine Spark within me for giving me the insight and their sense of humor for allowing me such a gift, for which I am grateful. Hence the name of the work, “I am Grateful: The Squaring of The Circle”.

Best wishes,

Richard A. Dunn, Jr.

Oil Painting

Glice’e print

Serigraph print  [possible]

What is offered here is number __ of 100 of a limited signed 1st edition or original oil painting of the validated graphical solution to the 2200-5800 year old problem referred to in the literature as “Squaring The Circle”. Due to the age of the problem, it is believed reasonable to consider the solution as an antiquity. More specifically, the solution would stand whether or not man ever existed; therefore obviously independent of my existence as well, simply as a consequence of The Divine’s enumeration of the Universe.

Included is:

  1. The Squaring of The Circle” sales letter, signed.
  2. The original representative artwork as colorized in the artists’ interpretation of the energy points the Hindus refer to as chakras, as aligned to the Arabic tradition of six chakras.
  3. The associated black and white alphabetically labeled geometric construct.
  4. Enumerated procedural geometric proof, cross-referenced to the alphabetically labeled geometric construct.
  5. A copy of the validation statement from one Mr. Jan Roos, MS ME MIT PE 1960.
  6. Validator’s CV less phone number. Arrangements may be made for conference if required on sales over $25K at offeror’s expense.

I, Richard Anthony Dunn, Jr., as a matter of primacy of discovery, hereby certify under seal that I am the sole prosecutor and subsequent copyright holder of this material registered with the US Copyright Office under all applicable international treaties.

_____________________________ Date:_______

Richard Dunn

[Not valid without authorized signature, date, agreement and payment having been recorded as received in good faith with adequate funds in full or in a valid industry recognized escrow agency account, fee to be paid by buyer as necessary.]

Serial portfolio Inventor, author and artist.

[Bids start at $28M USD for painting pending availablity];

[$10,000.00 USD purchase price for a gicle’e pending availability].
Note: This is normally a waste of my time, so this is not a thing I intend to do on a regular basis.
Copyright 2015 Richard A. Dunn, Jr. All Rights Reserved In ALL Countries

Subject to “Squaring the Circle: I am Grateful” Terms found at CosmicSleuth.com


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