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Intelligent Design(TM) “Squaring the Circle: I am Grateful”  Laminated Blown Up Poster [3′ height x 2′ width from 24″ x 18″ original art work] (C) 2012 Richard Dunn All Rights Reserved In All Nations

Laminated Poster 'Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful' 3'H x 2' W blown up from 2'H x 1.5'W (C) 2012 Richard Dunn - All Rights Reserved In All Nations
A copy of the geometric proof is included.
Final copy will bear the following on the back:
“Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful” Intelligent Design(TM)
(C) 2012 Richard Dunn
All Rights Reserved In All Nations
Read our sales letter here.
In many circles this is an incredible conversation starter: It raises questions of Intelligent Design and hence the Divine, our place in the Universe, religion, time lines, the soul-mind-body connection, meditation?


It represents unexplored and unexplained historical and intellectual possibility including prior more advanced civilizations, the limit of which is beyond the sky. It means we must look at everything all over again… math, physics, everything… Imagine… Possibility… Hope… A New Future…

We believe we have a very good production commitment. However We do not know how to anticipate demand in this instance. Therefor, although 2-3 day shipping is expected, 3-6 weeks is possible and if we are over-run we may have to pull the offer until production can be enhanced or otherwise limit sales which may include price increases. We thank you for your understanding.
Currently, We ship only to the Continental US, AK & HI for this product line. We are looking into changing this.
Note: The color of the print shown here is the un-color corrected photograph of the original in natural sun light. The actual color of the background is titanium white.
The following has been corrected, however this is the history of the product development. We tell you this so you know we try to give you good product.
In product test of the poster print, it was determined that the printing was water soluble. Therefore the decision was made to protect the artwork by lamination, thus raising the price, but also protecting the product so that hopefully this knowledge will not be lost again. Therefor we wanted this to be for a more general distribution, but also to act as a time capsule and keepsake of a prior civilization.
However, having said this, the laminate is only on one side, so the other side is subject to water damage.
Separately, it was found that laminated art work does not fare well when the art is left in the second seat of a vehicle and sat upon repeatedly by the family significant furry person. This has a tendency to separate the laminate and otherwise distress the art work. For this reason we may well limit the number of these sold, pending performance. We ask that if you buy one of these you consider framing it, keeping it in a protective document case or otherwise minimally mounting it on a suitable stable backing.
These kinds of damages are not covered by the return policy,  please inspect upon receipt,  and notify the shipper of damage immediately.

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