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  • Intelligent Design(TM) (Not Just A) T-Shirt “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful” (C) Richard Dunn 2012 All Rights Reserved In all Nations
    T-Shirt 'Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful' (C) 2012 Richard Dunn - All Rights Reserved
    A copy of the verified geometric proof is included.
    Final copy will bear the following below the image:
    “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful” Intelligent Design(TM)
    (C) 2012 Richard Dunn
    All Rights Reserved In all NationsNote: T-shirts are white because the painting canvas is white.Ladies: If you wish us to offer these shirts in a female form factor please email us at
    .Thank you,Management
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    In many circles this is an incredible conversation starter: It raises questions of Intelliegent Design and hence the Divine, our place in the Universe, religion, time lines, the soul-mind-body connection, meditation?

    It represents unexplored and unexplained historical and intellectual possibility including prior more advanced civilizations,  the limit of which is beyond the sky. It means we must look at everything all over again… math, physics, everything… Imagine… Possibility… Hope… A New Future…


    Chest (male) S M L X
    in. 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48
    cm. 85-90 95-100 105-110 115-120
    If you are a half size, upsize one size.


    We believe we have a very good production commitment. Howver We do not know how to anticipate demand in this instance. Therefor, although 2-3 day shipping is expected, 3-6 weeks is possible and if we are over-run we may have to pull the offer until production can be enhanced or otherwise limit sales which may include price increases. We thank you for your understanding.
    Currently, We ship only to the Continental US, AK & HI for this product line. We are looking into changing this.
    Note: To see a more accuraate representation less the white background color, view the graphic on the poster page. The image was degraded here to make it harder for the unscrupulous to steal the image without the water marks.

    Wash in cool water, with no chlorine bleach.


    To make sure our shirts would stand up we had the printing done in the United States by Americans at Ziprint, Randoplph, MA. They used a good quality shirt. We took three shirts, one as a control and two to be washed  and dried repeatedly. As I write this they have each cycled 48 times and the color is still good.  We wahed them with standard soap, softener and no chlorine bleach.   So we know we have a good stable product. We did this because we believe customer satisfaction is important and due to the nature of the product, line art, we had to be sure.

    Return Goods Policy

    Richard Dunn
    179 Liberty Street
    Randolph, MA 02368;
    Tel. 781-986-3604 

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