Interstellar War

According to the Hindu Scripture, the Vedas, specifically the Mahabarata amongst others, the origins of Islam are a psyops operation based on an expeditionary force from the Dog Star Sirius star system 8.6 light years away. This is confirmed in the Koran as Alah is the Lord of this Sirius star system [8.6 light years away]. This is why we are not allowed to have electro-magnetic star drive systems or free energy to undermine the infidel tax, oil. Keep you enemy in ignorance to destroy them. We are in an interstellar war. This is why 150M Untouchables of India are considered untouchable and are considered inhuman for 100k years. People this is real and based on a life of research, WWIII would be a race war based on this. The West is the only ones that are to dumb to know, the top leadership knows.

Simply, If you want to see an alien look at the Dahlit people, aka the untouchables.