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The Original Oil Painting”Squaring the Circle: I am Grateful”  [24″ x 18″ (C) 2012 Richard Dunn All Rights Reserved In All Nations Do Not Copy]

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Oil Painting 'Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful' 2'H x 1.5'W (C) 2012 Richard Dunn - All Rights Reserved In All Nations

Make an offer for the Original Oil Painting, “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful” by Richard Dunn 
Offers start at 28M USD

This is the original painting, “Squaring the Circle: I am Grateful” oil painting from which all current 1st editions of currently available signed glice’e reproductions or future possible 1st edition signed serigraphs, as well as the posters and T-shirts derive. Future series of numbered editions may or may not become available based on the sale or not of the original.

Simply, it seems  that the original is required for color processes and later color correction of said productions. Accordingly, such a sale would be problematic to future editions pending negotiated  for  processes requiring same. Hopefully an arrangement might be made to accommodate all parties, but of course the future is unknown. As this is posted there are two gicle’e prints available for purchase. The first reproduction became the “First edition, color reject one, based on unforseen color discrepancies, It was kept and some say because of it’s reject status, it may well be of high value, kind of like a mis-struck coin. The second copy became the first acceptableglice’e copy. As such, it is the basis of the production master prototype artwork, destined to become  number one of the signed first editionglice’e. Offerswill be entertained for both. Separately, In many circles this is an incredible conversation starter: It raises questions of Intelligent Design and hence the Divine, our place in the Universe, religion, time lines, the soul-mind-body connection, meditation?

It represents unexplored and unexplained historical and intellectual possibility including prior more advanced civilizations, the limit of which is beyond the sky. It means we must look at everything all over again… math, physics, everything… Imagine… Possibility… Hope… A New Future…
Note: The color of the print shown here is the un-corrected color photograph of the original in natural sun light. This has been left this way as a further watermark. The actual color of the background is titanium white.
Richard Dunn
DBA CosmicSleuth.com
179 Liberty Street
Randolph, MA 02368;
Tel. 781-986-3604An offer may be emailed to richdunn[a]gmail com. To qualify to start the process to be considered please include [brook and mortar] contact information and offer. Thank you,Richard Dunn

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