My NON-DOCTOR Explanation for Psoriasis and How I Deal with IT.

My NON-DOCTOR Explanation for Psoriasis and how I deal with it.

If you start to read this, you agree to read to the end. I did this because I do not like the side effects of other professional suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out since I was 12 years old. Me thinks I got it, I really, really got it, I just wish it didn’t itch so bad.


The following is my opinion regarding my body only. I make no representation of scientific or medical knowledge. You are responsible for you, legally, medically or otherwise. I admit, I do not know what I am doing, so extraneous effects are again on you.


First, I am not a doctor, period. I am however the owner-operator of one human body to which I am somewhat attached. This body has had psoriasis since I was 12 years old. I always felt, I caught it although it is said it is not communicable.


When I was 12, my family and I went to visit a horrible aunt. She had psoriasis. For some reason this always stuck in my head, and I have always believe that this was the transmission point. At one point, I used the facilities and in standard sanitary manner used a hand towel to dry my hands. Rationally, irrationally or otherwise, I have always felt this was my ground zero for itch, etc. My opinion is that it is transmitted by contact of people and or objects exposed to same with similar genetic markers.


In any event, over the years, I have noticed different aspects of the disease and in general expanded my knowledge base as I tried all sorts of things to no avail until recently.


I found out about associated liver damage arthritis and other goodies. I kept thinking, analyzing. Motivation was simple, pain and itch, that is itching until you bled and still itching.


I noticed that to a limited extent, it responded to antibiotics, which ones I do not remember. This made me again think we were dealing with an infection of some sort, internal or external.


I found out about variants such as pustular psoriasis.


What follows is my empirical breakthrough for my body, I have no scientific study. Again my opinion and I am not a doctor. This is not about your body; you are on your own for legal and medical reasons.


Interesting, I thought, could it be the pores or follicles were infected. What if they were putting out a neurotoxin of some sort causing these irritating effects? Who would know, how could you tell with the buildup of plaque scabbing on the surface?


That plaque had to be removed. Further, it had to be done delicately enough to prevent opening up new virgin territory for the infection, if that is what was going on.  That is, there should be no bleeding. Last the pores and follicles had to be reopened to let the infectious toxins out while neutralizing their obnoxious qualities, if that is what it was.


At some point during this analysis, I came across a piece on the net, which has since been lost in a drive crash without a backup which stated that the survivors of the black death drained the boils that erupted upon their skin, those who died did not.


Enter the old standby, soap. Yes, the water and suds of a slightly astringent soap with the new addition of the modern plastic screen scrub style loufa, Gentle and judicious application and the plaque starts exiting stage left. Now we can see the base of the problem. Eventually I found a soft brush of at least 3”L x 1”W x 1.5”[bristles + base] was best for cleaning pores, and remaining material blocking pores and follicles. This is also excellent on the face for cleaning. Rub first on soap and then have at it.


Next, I tried various substances to try to see if I could kill whatever was going on in my pores and follicles. Hell, I even tried preparation H. Again, I was motivated by itch and pain.


Then, I stumbled upon the old house hold standby hydrogen peroxide. I took two connected paper towel segments from a roll. I doubled them upon themselves, and then folded them twice more. I placed the folded towel on the affected areas. I saturated it with the hydrogen peroxide. I let it sit until I felt a burning sensation in the region, then I moved it on to new another area and repeated.


What I noticed is that the treated areas produced little white heads and occasional deep-lying pockets of infection or puss. When they removed slowly by light abrasion so as to not cause bleeding with a hydrogen peroxide saturated towel as indicated and the region were re-soaked the area began to recover.  I am not going to tell you how to deal with the referred to pockets, either deal with it yourself as to your capabilities or see a doctor. Again, this is about my body, not yours, as again, I am not a doctor.


This is not a fast process and it is not perfect. Apparently whatever this may be can burrow down under the surface layer of the skin as in the referenced pockets. It reminds me of a zone of control game based on the pockets as when a pocket is healed the zone seems to heal more readily, similar to the concept of a viral load.


I have not completely cured myself, however I have markedly improved my condition including reduced itch, pain and associated bleeding. I have noticed that you have to keep on it and it will revert which seems less so as the affected areas are reduced.  I do it every one to three days pending irritation and time to heal. If an area starts itching, it may be time to hit it again, I will have to experiment on this. At some point I must experiment with diluting the hydrogen peroxide and adding soothing substances.


The reason I decided to post this is that strangely, but not surprisingly under my theory of operation, when as an area’s infection rate diminishes and the white heads, etc. from above are removed, lo and behold new hair appears in what become a follicle or pore. The hair is either very light or dark pending the region, but it is obviously new and particularly noticeable in areas where there was limited or no hair before. I find this fascinating.


I any  event, I do not know how to deal with the ear canal as I am afraid of hydrogen peroxide disrupting the follicles in the ear canal used for hearing, for which I would never want to be responsible for another.


In closing, two points:


One, simply, I buy the biggest bottle of hydrogen peroxide I can find.

Two, This is not medical advice as I am not a doctor and as I said this is empirical data based on observations on my body only, ego you are on your own and you agree that I assume no liability


Thank you,


Richard Dunn