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We broke the ancient numbering systems…

We welcome you to CosmicSleuth.com . We are glad you are here!

You are probably here because you heard about our logo, A.K.A. marque, clearly discernible as representative of the impossible, yet it exists and the math works.

CosmicSleuth.com as a marque exists to represent value, service, and a demonstrated ability, when others stand mute before the impossible.  This is the basis of the selection of our logo.

We are the “Goto guy for tech development”.  That is, our name should be first when  others  will not take the job and believe that the task cannot be done.

We believe that, “The impossible is only a set of rules for which the skillful and hopefully elegant manipulation and combination providing the exception has not been found.” …Richard Dunn

Of course, this is a premium service.

Accordingly, we discriminate in the jobs we take, and for whom. We have to believe a project is proposed by a responsible party and not a “straw”, or otherwise not of good moral character. This means it is fundable at a reasonable resource level,  soluble, not against societal or national interests, hopefully in line with a greater good and hence doable or worthy of investigation. Therefore, we do not accept all jobs, inquiries or contracts and only at our discretion.

There may be a non-refundable examination fee based on scope, time and materials. This does not guarantee acceptance and assumes we are not in competition, which must be determined. We may reject any proposal for any reason without a stated reason about why.

It is understood that this service is only available to US companies and manufacture of resulting products must reside in its entirety in the United States.

Please provide a “one pager”, anything more will be thrown away:

Memo style: Contact information: Co., Title, Name, first last, Subject, , Date, decision making and/or contract authority, budget, signature limit, and why do you want what you want [the real reason]; 1″ margins, 10 point text.

Time is lives and money, do not waste them. People who do not understand this are gotten rid of quickly. It is not personal and this is not business as usual.

Thank you,

Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn
DBA CosmicSleuth.com
179 Liberty Street
Randolph, MA 02368;
Tel. 781-986-3604 

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  • Peter McNeall

    Reply Reply 11/12/2016

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for your kind comments about Harold Aspden on Linkedin. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack about 6 years ago. He was 10 years older than me, and I am now 76. If you send me your email address can send you my monograph on his theory (147 pages) His wife Wendy is still living. Her email address is WendyA@btinternet.com

    Thanking you

    Peter McNeall
    (832) 331 – 0386

    I live in Madisonville, Texas. Used to live in Boston MA

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