Why “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful”, the original oil painting, is ART.

Why “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful”, the original oil painting, is ART.

Some may say that the “Squaring of the Circle” is not art. I say it is. My reasoning follows:

Art whether representative or non-representative is based on the individual artist’s interpretation of their experiential universe as committed to human recognizable form for the hopeful purpose of communication of thought, emotion or more simply real or percieved resonance of states of being between the creator/artist and the admirer for a particular mind set. Having said this, before we proceed, be advised, this was done by my hand as a consequence of my mind and no other.

As this is geometric in form, extracted from a mathematical puzzle of antiquity, some may say again that it is not art. However, we have books of computer fractal geometry generated art where the artist has dictated colorization where there was none, if not form.

In kind, here form is dictated as well. We know this because in standard industrial arts and in the teaching of geometry for the measurement of relationships for construction of lengths and positions, arcs are not generally completed thus becoming circles, as in curves and linear bi- and tri-sections. Here it is, as part of my interpretation, my answer to closing the universe, as a field comes from and returns to its source; the circles are closed, yet they allow for expansion by ratiometrically increasing the radii while maintaining proportion. This again is interpretation.

To put a fine point on it, in my house there are Buddhist and Hindu mandala [sand] painting reproductions which I believe to be absolutely beautiful. These are framed replicas. I have seen  American Indian mandalas and African mandalas as well; also beautiful.

There can be only one question. Is the soul of the individual in the work? Here, the answer has to be a resounding yes, from the struggle to solve the problem, to placing it in a recognizable form, to getting the problem recognized as solvable, when the experts forgot that you cannot prove a negative, the most you can say is that it seems impossible. The struggle has been monumental.



Richard Dunn

Below are links to others who see geometry as art in the precise detail brought forward by the mystic and timeless beauty of the mandala, now by ancient mythos connecting the human soul to the divine or as some say heaven and earth. I did not pen this legend, but it is not my position to argue with the sages of antiquity. However, I do notice that this, like so much else is being swept from the net by evil and its filthy minions. They who embrace tyranny,  thus defile beauty of which this is but a part of a greater creation.

In closing, by shear numbers the world population represented in the art of the groups listed below would agree that what I present here is art, many believe it divinely inspired, some believe it proof of God. Accordingly, I should be assured a position in any art group of merit.

African, AztecBuddhistChinaHindu, MayanTibetan

If you do not allow this, will we revert us to state approved Stalinist art and then Physics, Biology… and… and… and…


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